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05 08 2022

Защита от подделки MSD Formula КМ2

Новый уникальный продукт MSD – противопожарная пленка для натяжных потолков Formula КМ2 обеспечен несколькими вариантами маркировок защиты от...

08 03 2022

Everything is better when donuts are involved

Job interviews are painful. But with a pocketful of donuts they are never a waste of time. Hate waiting at the DMV? Try pounding a dozen donuts and...

08 03 2022

I had a really good idea but got sidetracked and forgot it.

I feel like it was something to do with squeegees, or maybe the Beegees? Perhaps related to Archimedes or old spindles of CDs? I wish I could...

08 03 2022

Would you rather give up pizza or wifi?

It's a simple question. You can only have one and not the other for the rest of your life.

07 03 2022

Beginnings are the best & the worst

You know how that undeniable excitement you feel when you start a new project is always followed by: "Okay but like...where do I start?"...